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Dermegen Inc. is premier manufacturer of technology driven, clean beauty ingredients for the personal care and cosmetic industries. With over one hundred years of collective cosmetic and pharmaceutical experiences, Dermegen focus on skin biochemistry and physiology. The global and dedicated cell biology and biochemistry research team collaborates with sponsored research programs at renowned universities such as Columbia Medical and other leading, global higher-education facilities, research facilities and claim substantiating laboratories.

DermaCare Vernix Veg
DermaCare Vernix Veg is a newborn skin inspired hydrating complex based on Vernix Caseosa. Vernix Caseosa is a viscous cream...
Dermatide Smooth
Dermatide Smooth is patent pending peptide that blocks the sodium channel leading to muscle relaxation and short-term reduction in wrinkles that...
DermaTive Guava Leaf Ferment
DermaTive Guava Leaf is a matrix building botanical ferment, with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Guava leaves have been used...
Ornamental rose
DermaTive Rose Blossom Fermented Broth
DermaTive Rose Blossom Ferment Broth is derived from rose blossoms with enhanced beneficial compounds such as flavonoids and polyphenols through...
Tremella_fuciformis_337510_Snow Mushroom
DermaTive Snow Mushroom
DermaTive Snow Mushroom is a fermented Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ingredient with anti-aging and anti-pollution properties that prevents premature aging....
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