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Floviva Frankincense Oil

Floviva Frankincense Oil (B. neglecta) is sourced from Kenya where the resin is harvested by traditional wild-harvesting techniques. The trees are not cut, as to prevent damage, but the natural activities of the Wood-borer beetle allows the resin to collect on the surface of the branches, where it is allowed to air harden before collection. The resin it then taken to market, where each collector is paid fairly for the weight of resin collected. This serves as additional income for the otherwise mainly pastoralist region of Kenya. The resin is then transported to Europe for steam distillation of the oil and hydrolat. This oil adds fresh, woody, lightly spicy base notes to a perfume or formulation.


Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat ailments, and scientific evidence to support these claims is often limited, but not always non-existent. The uses suggested are designed to inspire possible formulations and where the oil might add marketing claims, and have been sourced from both anecdotal and aromatherapy sources.


INCI: Boswellia neglecta (Frankincense) Oil

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