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Acai Seed Berascrub

Acai Seed Berascrub

Açai Berascrub, also available in organic, is a natural exfoliating particle from the seed of Acai fruit designed to promote revitalizing and stimulating activity with gentle abrasiveness. It removes dead cells and impurities from pores by mechanical stimulation, and is suitable for body and face care products. It is also ecofriendly as it is a natural alternative to polyethylene beads.

A part of the Berascrub line, Açai Berascrub is manufactured sustainably from the fruits and seeds of the Brazilian biodiversity. The fruits and seeds first go through washing, drying and pulping, followed by pressing – a stage in which butters and oils can be obtained.  During milling, a residue is generated that is decontaminated by heating and packaged under laminar flow to compose the exfoliators. Full use of raw material occurs in all its states without the formation of unused waste. The Berascrub exfoliating line is a great alternative to plastic microspheres because they are all natural in origin and therefore biodegradable.

• Improves blood circulation by physically stimulating the skin
• Removes dead skin cells and impurities from pores
• Rejuvenates and promotes a soft feeling to the skin
• Add a natural coloration to the formulation
• Recommended use level: 1% – 10%
• Natural alternative to polyethylene beads
• Upcycled and 100% Biodegradable

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Cool. Hydrate. Heal.
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