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Apple Cellular Water

Apple Cellular Water

Biodynamic Apple Cellular Water is a water-by-product from the production of organic apple crisps, upcycled to replace the water portion of formulations. With a unique dehydration technique that allows for the original composition to be preserved, it provides the benefits of the fruit and increases the overall percentage of organic content of the end formula.  The extraction conditions allow the fruit water to keep the intrinsic qualities of its active components providing vitamins C, K1, B2, B3 among others. A mild and nutritional active for all skin type, the main components of Apple Cellular Water include Ursolic Acid, flavonoids, and phenolic acids.


Apple Cellular Water is organic, Biodynamic cultivar, 100% natural beauty active. It is also ECOCERT/ COSMOS Organic, and Nature certified.



• Malus Domestica fruit water
• Improves skin elasticity and tonicity
• Provides moisturizing Properties
• Alternative for water
• Upcycled



Malus Domestica fruit water
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