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Cosphaderm® AP

Cosphaderm AP is a neutral oil and fat-soluble ascorbic acid ester for the nutrition and cosmetics industry with antioxidative and emulsifying properties. Ascorbyl Palmitate itself displays little activity, but inside the skin the physiologically active Ascorbylic Acid is released. Cosphaderm AP is used to promote the antioxidative efficiency of other antioxidants and is thus often combined with Tocopherols (Vitamin E) to strengthen their antioxidative power. Furthermore, the material is used as a skin lightening agent in concentrations up to 4.0 %. Cosphaderm AP is  ECOCERT certified.


• Boosts antioxidant properties of tocopherols
• Ester from ascorbic and palmitic acid
• RSPO mass balanced
• Concentration: 0.01-4.0%


Ascorbyl Palmitate
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