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Cosphaderm® Feel

Cosphaderm Feel is a triglyceride oil suitable for skin and hair care as well as decorative cosmetic products, providing excellent skin feel. Made from 100% natural vegetable oils, it is free from palm oil and ECOCERT and is COSMOS-compliant. Due to its short-chain fatty acids, it is a polar oil with a high level of spreadability for good skin distribution. Used as a substitute for cyclomethicone D5, it can enable a silicone-free formulation and provide improved combability and shine in hair care products. Due to its polar and slightly viscous character, Cosphaderm Feel also has the ability to finely disperse UV filters and pigments. It is an easy-to-apply liquid which can be used pH-independently for use in W/O- as well as in O/W-emulsions, color cosmetics and sun care products. It is palm oil free, ECOCERT and COSMOS certified.

• Natural silicone substitute
• High spreadability
• Ability to finely disperse UV filters and pigments

Natural Mineral Sun Lotion
CALCULATED SPF 20-30. NATURAL SPF FILTER. WATER RESISTANT. Alternative preservation: Cosphaderm® GeMix
One-Single Chin: Contouring Face & Neck Crea
Rich cream to reshape neck and face for a youthful appearance.
Barrier Bounce
Unique bouncy cream to help restore skin’s barrier.
No Fly Dome
A non-greasy, high-shine, frizz fighting dry serum for hair
Hair Repair Serum
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