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Cosphaderm® Feel

Cosphaderm Feel is an emollient, lubricant and conditioning agent with an elegant skin feel. Sourced from castor oil, it is a 100% naturally derived triglyceride of heptanoic acid. It is used as a replacement for silicones such as cyclomethicone D5 offering very high spreadability and excellent skin compatibility. Cosphaderm Feel creates formulations with a light, mildly lubricating and silky skin sensation. It is also functions as a solvent for UV filters and a pigment wetting agent. It is an easy-to-apply liquid which can be used pH-independently for use in W/O- as well as in O/W-emulsions, color cosmetics and sun care products. It is palm oil free and ECOCERT, COSMOS certified.


One-Single Chin: Contouring Face & Neck Crea
Rich cream to reshape neck and face for a youthful appearance.
Barrier Bounce
Unique bouncy cream to help restore skin’s barrier.
No Fly Dome
A non-greasy, high-shine, frizz fighting dry serum for hair
Hair Repair Serum
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