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Cosphaderm® KG

Cosphaderm KG is a Non-GMO, food grade glucomannan derived from Konjac flour. It is high molecular weight, water soluble polysaccharide with strong thickening efficiency and gel formation properties superior to traditional thickening agents. Cosphaderm KG emulsion stabilizing, and viscosity controlling thickener with gel and film forming properties 3-4 times higher viscosity yield than Xanthan Gums in a vegan and natural format.


Cosphaderm KG reacts synergistically with Cosphaderm X 34 and Cosphaderm X Soft to form stable and highly elastic gels even in emulsions. Easy to hydrate and food grade,  Cosphaderm KG is ECOCERT and COSMOS certified.


Amorphophallus Konjac Root Extract
(No) Problem Skin Gel
Moisturize and cool problem skin for a refreshed appearance
Barrier Bounce
Unique bouncy cream to help restore skin’s barrier.
Don't Be A Flake Scalp Serum
Body Lotion Gel
The emollience and caring of a lotion with a cooling effect of a gel, packed with a hydrating punch.
Cool. Hydrate. Heal.
Golden Complexion
Smooth Operator: Phytic Acid Exfoliating Gel
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