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Cosphaderm Octiol Natural

Cosphaderm® Octiol natural is a pure and colorless diol, with strong and pH-independent antimicrobial activity. COSMOS and Nature certified, is natural Caprylyl Glycol, one of the widest used alterative preservatives. It has an acceptable water solubility of 0.5% and possesses a strong antimicrobial activity even at low application concentrations. Another core property Cosphaderm® Octiol natural a very remarkable synergistic effects with other antimicrobial substances, which allows the possibility to minimize the total amount of combined preserving agents.

Cosphaderm® Octiol can be used as moisturizer and humectant for both skin care and hair care formulations. Static light scattering experiments have shown that Cosphaderm® Octiol natural can also be used to stabilize o/w emulsions by droplet size reduction.

• COSMOS certified Caprylyl Glycol 
• pH-independent antimicrobial activity
• Moisturizer and humectant

Caprylyl Glycol
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