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Cosphaderm® Pentiol natural

Cosphaderm® Pentiol natural

Cosphaderm Pentiol natural is a sugar cane/corn derived skin conditioning agent and solvent with strong antimicrobial activity against bacteria and moderate against yeast and mold. An anti-microbial booster, Cosphaderm Pentiol natural is moisturizing and conditioning agent for both skin and hair that can stabilizes emulsions by reducing particle size.


Additionally, Cosphaderm Pentiol natural is water soluble, pH independent and is COSMOS certified. Cosphaderm Pentiol natural can be combined with other multifunctional, nontraditional preservatives to achieve broad spectrum protection against microbes.


Bacteria: Strong
Yeast and Mold: Moderate
• Concentrations: 1.00-5.00%


Pentylene Glycol
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