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Cosphaderm® Propanediol Natural

Cosphaderm Propanediol Natural is a plant-based, NON-GMO, humectant and skin conditioning agent with antimicrobial properties for skin and hair care applications. Derived from a fermentation process, Cosphaderm Propanediol Natural is a plant-based alternative preservation booster and solvent that is COSMOS certified. Broad-spectrum activity can be achieved with Cosphaderm Propanediol natural in combination with other multifunctional, alternative preservations. Cosphaderm Propandediol Natural is biodegradable and NON-GMO and NON-GMM.



• Membrane disrupter
• Anti-microbial booster
• Water soluble

Natural Mineral Sun Lotion
CALCULATED SPF 20-30. NATURAL SPF FILTER. WATER RESISTANT. Alternative preservation: Cosphaderm® GeMix
Silky Soft Serum
Soft, rich, light as silk moisturizing serum for a youthful appearance.
Need a Lift Luxe Hydrator
A facial remodeling and firming cream.
One-Single Chin: Contouring Face & Neck Crea
Rich cream to reshape neck and face for a youthful appearance.
Purifying Mineral Mist
Relief for problem skin. Moisture and cools for a refreshed appearance.
Gray Delay Finishing Spray
Spray and keep gray away with this smoothing, finishing spray. Provides light hold.
Barrier Bounce
Unique bouncy cream to help restore skin’s barrier.
Unbothered Beauty
A refining serum-lotion that protects the skin from premature aging
After Shave Skin Saver
Soothing and calming after-shave skin treatment lotion
After Glow
An after sun, soothing and healing lotion with subtle radiance
Don't Be A Flake Scalp Serum
Glacially Soothing Cooling Mist
Mineral rich cooling and hydrating mist that prevents thermal related skin aging.
2-Way Reboot
An Omega Flex
Beat Pollution
Express Mask
Cool. Hydrate. Heal.
Golden Complexion
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