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Cosphaderm® SF-75H

Cosphaderm SF-75H is a fractionated and hydrogenated, de-oiled sunflower lecithin in powdered form with minimum of 70% phosphatidylcholine content. The hydrogenation of double bonds in the fatty acids results in a higher stability towards destructive oxidation. It also has superior emulsifying and dispersion properties in aqueous media compared than common fractionated lecithin.


Cosphaderm SF-75H creates very stable interfaces due to the compact structure. This makes hydrogenated lecithin the “first choice” emulsifier in case of formation of micelles and liposomes. It is also an excellent co-emulsifier and emulsifier for o/w as well as w/o emulsions and meets ECOCERT, COSMOS cosmetic standards.



• Provides higher stability that protects against oxidation
• Superior emulsifying and dispersion properties over other fractionated lecithins
• Used to create liposomes
• Penetration enhancer caused by liposome formation
• High content of phosphatidylcholine


Hydrogenated Lecithin
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