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Cosphaderm® X 34

Cosphaderm X 34 is a NON-GMO, vegan, food grade Xanthan Gum derived from the fermentation of glucose or sucrose by the Bacterium Xanthomonas Campestris. A natural viscosity regulators and gel builder that provides conditioning properties and stabilizes emulsion, Cosphaderm X 34 has a high viscosity yield, a thixotropic behavior and a high thermal stability over a broad pH range, including in the presence of enzymes and salts.


Cosphaderm X 34 stabilizes emulsions up to 8 times better than a standard xanthan gum at the same concentration and reduces stickiness and provides silky skin feel. Cosphaderm X 34 offers fast solubility and high transparency and is compliant with ECOCERT and COSMOS.



• Excellent sensory characteristics and unique skin feel
• Exceptional transparency
• Tolerant against salts, detergents as well as proteins
• Wide pH range, 3–11


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