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Cosphaderm® Zinc Lactate natural

Cosphaderm® Zinc Lactate natural is the Zinc salt of Lactic Acid and a multifunctional ingredient commonly used in oral care products as well as in deodorants to fight malodors of bacterial origin and for other applications like skin care and cleansing products.

Zinc levels in the epidermis are important for skin homeostasis and contribute to cell proliferation and survival as well as regulation of inflammation and epidermal barrier integrity. Zinc has been shown to control activity and expression of anti-oxidative enzymes and proteins. It is involved in wound healing as well as protection from UV damage like lipid peroxidation and DNA alterations. Due to bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory properties, Zinc compounds are also used as supporting agents in the treatment of Acne.

Multifunctional versatility of Zinc Lactate is based on the collection of properties provided by its individual components. It is completed by the strong anti-microbial efficiency of Zinc Lactate against a broad spectrum of challenge test relevant microorganisms. Cosphaderm® Zinc lactate natural offers a multitude of benefits in one simple natural COSMOS approved substance.



• Yeast: Strong
• Bacteria: Strong
• Mold: Moderate
• pH: 3.5 – 7.0


Zinc Lactate
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