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Dermatide Smooth

Dermatide Smooth is patent pending peptide that blocks the sodium channel leading to muscle relaxation and short-term reduction in wrinkles that persist long-term. This three-dimensional peptide based on a natural jellyfish polypeptide, consists of 13 amino acids with dual functionality that blocks sodium channels preventing the flux of sodium resulting in muscle relaxation and instantly reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Studies with Dermatide Smooth showed reduction in wrinkles as early as 15min post treatment and persisted for over 4 hours. Reduction in skin roughness occurred over the same period. Dermatide Smooth is a superior anti-aging ingredients with instant and long-term benefits.

• Anti-aging
• Instantly reduces fine line and wrinkles
• Skin Roughness

Arginine/Lysine polypeptide
Silky Soft Serum
Soft, rich, light as silk moisturizing serum for a youthful appearance.
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