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Floviva Argan Oil

Floviva Argan Oil is produced by harvesting the kernels of the Argan fruit, and pressing them for their oil. Traditionally this oil has been used by locals as a food oil, for dressing salads and dipping bread. Note however this type of oil originates from roasted Argan kernels, giving the oil a nutty taste. Oil destined for the cosmetics industry originates from kernels which are not roasted, reducing the nutty aroma which would be undesirable.


A recurring theme in vegetable oils are the fatty acid profiles, which make most vegetable oils suitable for use as both a formulation base, and a natural emollient. Argan Oil is rich in Palmitic, Oleic and Linoleic acid, and high in vitamin E; making it useful for its antioxidant properties, as well as its moisturizing effects.

Argania spinosa Kernel Oil
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