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Floviva Baobab Oil

Floviva Baobab Oil is produced from the seed of the Baobab tree, which can be found inside the fruit. The fruits are not picked from the tree as this risks damage to both fruit and tree, but instead collectors wait for the fruit to ripen and drop naturally. Once collected; the fruit are cracked open and the fleshy fruit removed for food application processing. The white seeds are cleaned and pressed to remove the Baobab oil, which is only filtered before packing.


• Naturally high in vitamins A, C, E and K
• Particularly rich in fatty acids such as Palmitic, Oleic and Linoleic acid
• Rich in omegas 6 and 9
• Beneficial for the oils skin-moisturising and softening properties
• Antioxidant properties ideal making them useful in maintaining youthful skin


Adansonia digitate Seed Oil
Botanical Name
Adansonia digitata
Cool. Hydrate. Heal.
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