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Floviva Chiuri Butter

Floviva Chiuri Butter originates from Nepal, where it has grown at the base of the Himalayas for millennia. Sourced directly from a local co-operative, it provides seasonal work to local communities and a new source of income.



The fruit itself has been pressed and enjoyed for its juice or can be boiled to give a liquid alternative to sugar. The kernels inside can be pressed; giving a sold fat; Chiuri Butter.  This fat is used as a cooking butter, and recently has come to attention for its cosmetics benefits. Chiuri Butter is rich in Palmitic and Oleic acids, as well as vitamin E; making it particularly useful as an exotic alternative to Shea or Cocoa Butter. It carries a naturally low odor and pale grey color, lending itself unobtrusively to the formulations.


Bassia butyracea Seed Butter
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