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Lift and Zen Peel-Off-Gel

Lift and Zen Peel-Off-Gel

Lift and Zen Peel-Off-Gel Mask is inspired by the nutritious benefits of Matcha, Cocoa and Ginseng that help to tone-up tired epidermis. Used regularly, these actives have an antiaging effect as they increase skin resilience and favor a better skin complexion.

Lift and Zen Peel-Off-Gel Mask is a part of the Superfood Range. This range, is the union between beauty and functional foods known for their exceptional skin care benefits. A nurturing range, Superfood Range range is created with high quality French-based alginate in combination with other quality EU preferentially sourced raw ingredients.

Algin, is a naturally occurring edible polysaccharide found in brown algae that hydrates, tones and revitalizes skin. It is a rheology modifier, with non-sticky texture that provides a pleasant skin feel.

Matcha is a crushed green tea made from the entire leaves. It is a powerful antioxidant thanks to a high concentration of catechins. A type of polyphenols, the catechins help to inactivate free radicals in the skin, thus preventing aging signs. Green Tea Macha is also an anti-inflammatory agent, so it can help to treat rosacea and acne.

Rich in antioxidant flavanols, Cocoa helps to repair the skin damaged by UV and environmental toxins. It is also a source of vitamins and magnesium recognized for reducing fatigue and stress and essential for maintaining a healthy skin.

Ginseng is famous for its stimulating quality. Acting as a powerful energizer, it is used to brighten dull, aging skin. Rich in vitamins and trace elements, ginseng helps to rebalance skin cells by reducing their natural stress.

Highly moisturizing, Lift & Zen Peel-off mask helps to relax stressed skins and minds.


Superfood Range
Designed to tone and tighten skin
Rejuvenates cells and improves complexion

Solum Diatomeae, Algin, Calcium Sulfate, Glucose, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Theobroma Cacao fruit powder, Maltodextrin, Camellia Sinensis leaf powder, Panax Ginseng root powder, CI77499, CI77491
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