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MVP Platinum Matrix-EM

MVP Platinum Matrix-EM

MVP Platinum Matrix-EM is a delivery system based on platinum particles that incorporate a powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredient and that improves elasticity. The active ingredient is bound to the surface of the platinum particle which favors its stabilization, solubility, and bioavailability  over time. With this release system, the bioavailability of the active is 90 times more compared to the free peptide on skin so that the effectiveness of the active substance is maintained with lower doses of use.

MVP Platinum Matrix-EM helps increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis, reducing wrinkles and fine lines of the skin, and providing elasticity to it.



• Over 80% of platinum conjugated peptides remain after 24 hours,
vs 80% of free peptides are degraded in 10 hours
• Mitigates eye contour and face lines while restoring skin elasticity
• 100 times more potent than free peptide to increase Collagen type I and type III
• Reduces wrinkle


Water, Acetyl tetrapeptide-17, Colloidal Platinum
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