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Rovisome Retionol Moist Cosmetic Active Pro MB

Rovisome Retionol Moist Cosmetic Active Pro MB is a wrinkle fighting moisturizer formulated to deliver a high concentration of pure retinol to deeper skin layers. Characterized by excellent stabilization of the cosmetic active within the ROVISOME® delivery system, the stability of the encapsulated retinol was measured by HPLC analysis at different temperatures over 24 weeks with results demonstrating that ROVISOME® Retinol Moist Pro MB can provide significantly better retinol stability.

ROVISOME® delivery system is a well, established phospholipid based lipid bilayer delivery system technology focused on increased bioavailability of actives in deep epidermal skin layers.

• Enhanced stabilization and effectiveness of retinol
• Excellent wrinkle fighting benefits
• Lower skin irritation potential
• Improved skin moisturization

Water/Aqua; PentyleneGlycol; Lecithin; Alcohol; Retinol; Polysorbate 20; Potassium Phosphate; Tocopherol
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