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Cosmetic Drones

Cosmetic Drones®, the most advanced delivery system for active ingredients, is a revolutionary system that targets specific cells by means of affinity peptides ligands conjugated onto the surface of the particles and mediate receptor-mediated endocytosis. The encapsulated active ingredient is released only where and when.

The Infinitec Drone Technology is a targeted system. The X50 capsules, composed of biocompatible polymers entraps specific active ingredients targeting 5 different skin cells for 7 different applications for skin and body. The applications include: X50® Anti-Aging,  to fight off signs of aging, X50® Silhouette, the Cosmetic Drone to fight off cellulite signs, X50® Myocept for lines of expression, X50® Pure White, Dual mechanism of action for best whitening efficacy, X50® Photoglow, Skin photosynthesis for a radiant look, X50® Hyalufiller , first non-invasive wrinkle-filler and X50® Skin Barrier targeting healthy epidermis for skin protection.

Because encapsulated active ingredient is released only where and when it is needed the most, the selectivity allows a low dosage concentration making it an effective powerhouse. With the Drone Technology, a unique, intelligent delivery systems desired cosmetic result are targeted and achieved.



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