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Vitamin D and Skin Hydration
The role of vitamin D in those processes in the skin which are vital for its ability to bind water...
The Evolution of Cosmetic Butters
While butters are significant to the food industry, cocoa and shea being two key raw materials for confectionary, we can...
Cosmetic Drones
Cosmetic Drones
The Cosmetic Drones are the most advanced delivery system for active ingredients. This revolutionary system targets specific cells and releases...
Skinimalism – Less is the new More: By CLR
In December 2020 Pinterest declared “Skinimalism” the top trend for 2021, based on searches on the platform. So, what is “Skinimalism”?...
Cutiguard CLR: Your personal guard
Based on the extremophile red alga Galdieria sulphuraria, CutiGuard CLR™ constitutes a refined approach to the first signs of skin...
Is vitamin D-skin care a new reality?
Harald van der Hoeven, CLR Berlin’s director of product design and development, discusses how Vitamin D deficiency is an inherent...
Is there a new wave of better aging skincare?
Simply put, yes! A shift has taken place amongst consumers away from “Antiaging” to instead looking the best at any...
CutiFine CLR: Pore Refinement
MARCH 2023 CLR BERLIN: New product launch during In-Cosmetics Global We are happy to announce, that this year at in-cosmetics...
New Partnership + New Upcycled Ingredient
We excited to announce a strategic distribution partnership with Terlys, a manufacturer and developer of active ingredients with eco-responsibility at...
The fascinating World of Diols
  Cosphaderm® Diols are true multifunctionals that represent a large part of the Cosphatec product portfolio. They can be used...
It's Always a Sunny Day!
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