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      Based in Perth, Western Australia, Advance NanoTek Limited is a specialist developer and manufacturer of advanced materials and was formed in 1997 to commercialise an advanced materials technology originally developed by the University of Western Australia. The technology was first scaled-up via a joint venture with Samsung Corning Co. Ltd, of Korea (2000 to 2004), and then as a stand-alone operation. Products include a transparent zinc oxide based broad spectrum UV absorber for use in the suncare and cosmetics sectors called (ZinClear®).


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      Cosphatec is a leading global manufacturer of quality complexing agents located in Hamburg, Germany. Highly focused on Alternative Preservation for the natural cosmetics sector since the founding of the company in 2005.


      Cosphatec’s many years of expertise are based on the continuous expansion in the field of research and development; ensuring that future demands are identified, and creative solutions are found. An established company that places great importance on an open exchange of thoughts and ideas for mutual benefit.

      Cosphatec ensures that beauty brands can address the ever-changing market demands successfully. Dedicated to providing the opportunity for growth and continued increase in competitiveness, Cosphatec aims to meet the increasing responsibility in the field of environmentally sustainability with its innovative research approaches and highest quality standards.


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      Established 1988, Ironwood Clay Company is the world’s leading supplier of Glacial Oceanic Clay, based in Vancouver, Canada.


      More than 2.5 million years ago, glacier and ocean deposits started forming along the Northern Pacific Coast of Canada, and they continue to do so to this day. The convergence of mountains and ocean waters create a nutritive silt composed of more than 60 minerals and rare earth elements that are continuously enriched by the flow of the sea and sand together.


      Ironwood Clay prides itself to offer this mineral-rich clay in its purest and truest form – allowing it to be used in high concentrations in formulas.


      Glacial Oceanic Clay rests beneath a blanket of humus and is constantly refreshed by the ocean. It is only accessible for harvest at certain times of the year and with very strict governmental, environmental and community guidelines.


      This precious material is collected with strict adherence to Canadian environmental regulations and with every precaution taken to ensure that the pristine nature of this rare site is preserved.


      Ironwood Clay Company harvest Glacial Oceanic Clay. Hard to access, this mineral rich clay is found only in British Columbia, Canada, and nowhere else in the world. Used in sunscreens, baby care, hair care, men’s care and innovative skincare formulas, Glacial Clay is a versatile natural ingredient that has clinically proven benefits.


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      All Natural Foods is a Serbian technological company, founded in 2013, with the mission of delivering the best of nature to the food industry. With a unique technology for drying fruits and vegetables without additives, All Natural Foods is able to provide an upcycled fruit/vegetable water that can replace the water portions of formulations. Through this unique process, the fruit or vegetable are cut and dehydrated into crisps with a process that preserves the nutritional quality of the plant for the well-being of all. The water is then recycled for the preparation of active cosmetics.

      Apple Cellular Water, a cosmetic active water-by-product of the production of organic apple crisps was the first, with other fruit-waters and powders of which to follow. This sustainably produced, upcycled line of fruit-waters and powders add an active dimension to your cosmetics and allow for a high organic percentage to cosmetic formulations.

       The cellular water from All Natural Foods is customizable, 100% plant and organic. It is transparent and can replace all or a part of the demineralized water in a cosmetic formula, bringing the benefits of the fruit while increasing the overall percentage of organic content.

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