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New Partnership + New Upcycled Ingredient

We excited to announce a strategic distribution partnership with Terlys, a manufacturer and developer of active ingredients with eco-responsibility at its helm. This partnership will provide TAOS’s clients and the overall beauty industry, with additional high-value ingredient(s) backed by science and fueled with sustainable development practices.

With a commitment to sustainability and innovative phytochemistry processes, Terlys was founded in 2016 in Quebec Canada and develops and manufactures sustainable lipophilic ingredients intended for dermo-cosmetics. Experts in plant extraction, Terlys manufactures in accordance with green chemistry principles using intellectual property to minimize their ecological footprint while providing effective solutions for healthy skin goals.

“Our active ingredients are upcycled from residue coming out of the Canadian industry,” indicates Frédéric Thibault, President for Terlys. “We use our clean technology to provide multi-action, lipophilic ingredients that we are excited to introduce to new clients in the United States, and we are very happy to work with as professional and dynamic a team as TAOS.”

Consistently working on a pipeline to address heathy-skin challenges face by everyday consumer, Terly’s leading ingredient Nixlain is an award winning active ingredient with starting materials upcycled from the forestry industry. “Considering Terly’s strength in innovation and sustainability, we are very excited for this new partnership” said Alicia Miletic, President of TAOS Inc. “Their contribution to our product portfolio is in line with “efficacy-with-responsibility that is the focus of the beauty industry and our existing partners.”

Discover Nixalin.


March 2022: Announcements + Updates

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