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ProTec Botanica Ltd is a leading supplier of sustainability sourced, high quality natural and certified organic ingredients working in partnerships with Technical Art of Science (TAOS, Inc.) They are a part of the LPC Group of companies, a privately owned distributor of specialty products and ingredients into a range of markets.

Centellane® is Pharma grade, high purity liquid and stable Centella Asiatica Extract from plants harvested in Madagascar. Every batch is...
Floviva Argan Oil
Floviva Argan Oil is produced by harvesting the kernels of the Argan fruit, and pressing them for their oil. Traditionally...
Baoba Tree gemmmm-yCC0UjBxAyo-unsplash
Floviva Baobab Oil
Floviva Baobab Oil is produced from the seed of the Baobab tree, which can be found inside the fruit. The...
Floviva Blackcurrant Seed Oil
Floviva Blackcurrant Seed Oil is produced in Europe, from seeds left over as a by-product of the fruit juice and...
Floviva Borage Seed Oil
Floviva Borage Seed Oil is harvested (cold-pressed) from the seeds, which can be found in the flowers of the Borage...
Chiuri Seed 7b8fde4fc08916ccf78dc9af8e1c3215
Floviva Chiuri Butter
Floviva Chiuri Butter originates from Nepal, where it has grown at the base of the Himalayas for millennia. Sourced directly...
Floviva Cypress Oil
Standing tall and pointing towards the heavens, it was believed the cypress tree had a powerful force and often symbolizes...
Eucalyptus globulus 38445946045_3751b37ffd_b
Floviva Eucalyptus Globulus Oil
Floviva Eucalyptus Globulus Oil is sourced directly from a producer in Portugal, where the leaves of the tree are steam...
Floviva Frankincense Oil
Floviva Frankincense Oil (B. neglecta) is sourced from Kenya where the resin is harvested by traditional wild-harvesting techniques. The trees...
Floviva Ginger Oil
Floviva Ginger Oil is produced by steam distillation of the ginger root that originates in Sri Lanka. Additional sources for...
Lavender remi-antunes-LBu4WQxJNMw-unsplash
Floviva Lavender Hydrolat
Floviva Lavender Hydrolat is produced in Europe by steam distillation of the flowers of Lavender plants. A Hydrolat may be...
Lemon Tea Trea lemonscentedteatree-01-jpeg
Floviva Lemon Tea Tree Oil
Floviva Lemon Tea Tree Oil (Leptospermum petersonii) is a rounded shrub 4m in height by 3m in width. It has...
Pomelo k_archive_c5ec7afa640a77348501ddff88cb11c55785fd33
Floviva Pomelo Oil
Floviva Pomelo Oil is native and grown in Brazil and produced from the fruit peels of Pomelos. The fruit peels...
Floviva Raspberry Seed Oil
Floviva Raspberry Seed Oil is produced in Europe, from seeds left over as a by-product of the fruit juice and...
Rose Oil Bulgarian 472f837d6f1b4afab26ce4175646c73b
Floviva Rose Oil
Floviva Rose Oil is produced in Bulgaria, notably in the Valley of the Roses, world renowned for growing some of...
Floviva Rosehip Seed Oil
Floviva Rosehip Seed Oil originates from Chile, a world-recognized region for production of Rosehip oil. Floviva Rosehip Oil available from...
Lemon Oil Sicilian unnamed
Flovivia Lemon Oil
Flovivia Lemon Oil  is produced from the fruit peels of lemons, like all citrus oils. The fruit peels are mixed...
TAOS Golden Curcuma Oil™
TAOS Golden Curcuma Oil is film forming oil using the root of Curcuma Longa, better known as Turmeric and is...
TAOS Jeju Camellia Oil
TAOS Jeju Camellia Oil™
TAOS Jeju Camilla Oil is film forming oil that incorporates oil extracted from Camellia Japonica seeds from Jeju, South Korea...
TAOS Redroot Oil
TAOS RedRoot Oil™
TAOS Redroot Oil is film forming oil and is a part of the TAOS WR Series, a collection of multifunction...
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      The floviva range of absolutes offer a 100% Pure & Natural material obtained by alcohol extraction of concretes, globally sourced from our farmers, co-operatives and partnerships at origin.  Absolutes are highly regarded in natural perfumery, comprised of the concentrated aromatic oil that represents very closely in aroma the raw material from which it has been produced.  Alcohol soluble and usually of a mobile liquid form, absolutes offer a deeper colouring than essential oils and contain waxes and other plant constituents that bring the true aroma of the plant source to life.


      AbsolutesBotanical NamePart of plant used
      Floviva Beeswax AbsoluteApis mellifera Wax
      Floviva Blackcurrant Bud AbsoluteRibes nigrum Bud 
      Floviva Carnation AbsoluteDianthus caryophyllusPetals
      Floviva Cocoa AbsoluteTheobroma cacaoBean / Powder
      Floviva Coffee AbsoluteCoffea arabicaBean
      Floviva Hay AbsoluteLolium perenneGrass
      Floviva Jasmin AbsoluteJasminum grandiflorum L.Flower
      Floviva Linden Blossom AbsoluteTilia americanaBlossom
      Floviva Narcissus AbsoluteNarcissus poeticusPetals
      Floviva Oakmoss AbsoluteEvernia prunastriMoss
      Floviva Orange Flower AbsoluteCitrus aurantium var. amaraBud 
      Floviva Rose AbsoluteRosa damascenaFlower
      Floviva Rosemary AbsoluteRosmarinus officinalisStem and leaf
      Floviva Seaweed AbsoluteFucus vesiculosusWeed
      Floviva Tobacco AbsoluteNicotiana Tabacum Leaf
      Floviva Tonka Bean AbsoluteDipteryx odorataBean
      Floviva Tuberose AbsolutePolyanthes tuberosaPetals
      Floviva Vanilla AbsoluteVanilla fragransPod
      Floviva Violet Leaf AbsoluteViola odorataLeaf

      The floviva range of essential oils and allied aroma products; concretes, absolutes, resinoids and supercritical extracts; expertly bring the natural raw material to market.

      Derived from a botanical source; wood, bark, leaves, needles, stems, flowers, root, seed, gum or peel; the materials are globally sourced from our farmers, co-operatives and partnerships at origin.

      Closely resembling the original plant chemical composition and with a high level of active components, our certified organic and conventional range of materials are used in many industries; personal care, aromatherapy, perfumery, food and beverage, household, industrial, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical; for many applications, whether it be for their active or therapeutic properties or their odour or flavour profiles.


      ButtersBotanical NamePart of plant used
      Floviva Chiuri ButterDiploknema butyraceaSeed
      Floviva Cocoa ButterTheobroma cacaoBean
      Floviva Cupuacu ButterTheobroma grandiflorumSeed
      Floviva Mango ButterMangifera indicaSeed
      Floviva Murumuru ButterAstrocaryum murumuruSeed
      Floviva Shea ButterButyrospermum parkiiNut
      Floviva Uccuba ButterVirola sebiferaNut

      The floviva range of absolutes offer a 100% Pure & Natural material obtained by alcohol extraction of concretes, globally sourced from our farmers, co-operatives and partnerships at origin.  Absolutes are highly regarded in natural perfumery, comprised of the concentrated aromatic oil that represents very closely in aroma the raw material from which it has been produced.  Alcohol soluble and usually of a mobile liquid form, absolutes offer a deeper colouring than essential oils and contain waxes and other plant constituents that bring the true aroma of the plant source to life.


      Essential OilsBotanical namePart of plant used
      Floviva Almond Oil BitterPrunus amygdalus dulcisKernel
      Floviva Amyris OilAmyris balsamifera L.Wood
      Floviva Angelica OilAngelica archangelica L.Root / Seed
      Floviva Aniseed OilPimpinella anisum L.Seed
      Floviva Anthopogon OilRhododendron anthopogonLeaf & twig
      Floviva Basil OilOcimum basilicum L.Aerial part
      Floviva Bay Laurel OilLaurus nobilis L.Leaf
      Floviva Bay Oil WIPimenta recemosaLeaf
      Floviva Benzoin ResinoidStyrax tonkinensisResin
      Floviva Bergamot OilCitrus aurantium L. bergamiaPeel
      Floviva Bergamot Oil FCFCitrus aurantium L. bergamiaPeel
      Floviva Birch Oil SweetBetula lentaBark
      Floviva Black Pepper OilPiper nigrum L.Seed
      Floviva Black Spruce OilPicea marianaNeedle
      Floviva Blue Tansy OilTanacetum annuum L.Flower
      Floviva Cabreuva OilMyrocarpus fastigiatusBark
      Floviva Cade OilJuniperus oxycedrusWood
      Floviva Cajeput OilMelaleuca leucadendron L.Leaf & twig
      Floviva Camphor OilCinnamomum camphora L.Wood
      Floviva Caraway OilCarum carvi L.Seed
      Floviva Cardamon OilElettaria cardamomum L.Seed
      Floviva Carrot Seed OilDaucus carota L.Seed
      Floviva Cassia OilCinnamomum cassia L.Bark / Leaf
      Floviva Catnip OilNepeta catariaLeaf and flower
      Floviva Cedarwood OilCedrus atlanticaWood
      Floviva Celery OilApium graveolens L.Herb / Seed
      Floviva Chamomile Oil Blue GermanMatricaria recutita L.Flower
      Floviva Chamomile Oil RomanChamaemelum nobile L.Flower
      Floviva Chamomile Oil WildCladanthus mixtus L.Flower
      Floviva Cinnamon OilCinnamonum zeylanicumBark / Leaf
      Floviva Cistus OilCistus ladaniferus L.Stem / Leaf / Gum
      Floviva Citronella OilCymbopogon winterianusLeaf
      Floviva Clary Sage OilSalvia sclarea L.Aerial part
      Floviva Clove OilEugenia caryophyllusBud / Leaf / Stem
      Floviva Cognac OilVitis viniferaFruit
      Floviva Copaiba BalsamCopaifera officinalisResin
      Floviva Coriander OilCoriandrum sativum L.Leaf / Seed
      Floviva Cumin Seed OilCuminum cyminum L.Seed
      Floviva Cypress OilCupressus sempervirens L.Needle & twig
      Floviva Davana OilArtemesia pallensFlower
      Floviva Dill OilAnethum graveolensSeed / Herb
      Floviva Elemi OilCanarium communeResin
      Floviva Eucalyptus Oil citriodoraEucalyptus citriodoraLeaf
      Floviva Eucalyptus Oil globulusEucalyptus globulusLeaf
      Floviva Eucalyptus Oil radiataEucalyptus radiataLeaf
      Floviva Fennel OilFoeniculum vulgareSeed
      Floviva Fir OilAbies sibirica L.Needle
      Floviva Frankincense OilBoswellia carteriiGum
      Floviva Frankincense OilBoswellia neglectaGum
      Floviva Frankincense OilBoswellia serrataGum
      Floviva Galbanum OilFerula galbanifluaResin
      Floviva Garlic OilAllium sativumBulb
      Floviva Geranium OilPelargonium graveolensAerial part
      Floviva Geranium Rose OilPelargonium graveolensAerial part
      Floviva Ginger Root OilZingiber officinalisRoot
      Floviva Gingergrass OilCymbopogon martini sofiaLeaf / Grass
      Floviva Grapefruit OilCitrus paradisiPeel
      Floviva Guaiacwood OilBulnesia sarmientiWood
      Floviva Helichrysum OilHelichrysum italicumAerial part
      Floviva Hop OilHumulus lupusFruit
      Floviva Ho Wood OilCinnamomum camphora var. L.Leaf
      Floviva Hyssop OilHyssopus officinalis L.Aerial part
      Floviva Inula OilInula graveolensAerial part
      Floviva Jasmin ExtractJasminum grandiflorum L.Flower
      Floviva Juniperberry OilJuniperus communis L.Berry
      Floviva Juniperneedle OilJuniperus communis L.Needle
      Floviva Labdanum OilCistus ladaniferus L.Gum
      Floviva Lavandin OilLavandula hybrida v.Flower
      Floviva Lavender OilLavandula angustifoliaFlower
      Floviva Lemon OilCitrus limonumPeel
      Floviva Lemon Balm OilMelissa officinalis L.Aerial part
      Floviva Lemon Myrtle OilBackhousia citriodoraLeaf
      Floviva Lemon Tea Tree OilLeptospermum petersoniiLeaf
      Floviva Lemongrass OilCymbopogon citratus / flexuosusLeaf / Grass
      Floviva Lime OilCitrus aurantifoliaPeel
      Floviva Litsea Cubeba OilLitsea cubebaFruit
      Floviva Lovage OilLevisticum officinaleLeaf / Root
      Floviva Magnolia Flower OilMichelia albaFlower
      Floviva Mandarin Oil GreenCitrus reticulataPeel
      Floviva Mandarin Oil RedCitrus reticulataPeel
      Floviva Marjoram OilOriganum majoranaAerial part
      Floviva Mastic OilPistacia lentiscus L.Leaf / Resin
      Floviva Melissa OilMelissa officinalis L.Aerial part
      Floviva Myrrh OilCommiphora myrrhaGum
      Floviva Myrtle OilMyrtus communis L.Leaf
      Floviva Neroli OilCitrus aurantium L.Flower
      Floviva Niaouli OilMelaleuca viridifloraLeaf & twig
      Floviva Nutmeg OilMyristica fragransNutmeg
      Floviva Orange Oil BitterCitrus aurantium L.Peel
      Floviva Orange Oil SweetCitrus sinensis L.Peel
      Floviva Oregano OilOriganum vulgare L.Aerial part
      Floviva Palmarosa OilCymbopogon martiniAerial part
      Floviva Parsley OilPetroselinum sativumSeed / Herb
      Floviva Patchouli OilPogostemon cablinLeaf
      Floviva Pennyroyal OilMentha pulegium L.Leaf
      Floviva Peppermint Oil arvensisMentha arvensis L.Aerial part
      Floviva Peppermint Oil piperitaMentha piperita L.Aerial part
      Floviva Peru BalsamMyroxylon balsamum pereiraeResin
      Floviva Petitgrain OilCitrus aurantium L.Leaf & twig
      Floviva Pimento Berry OilPimenta officinalis L.Berry / Leaf
      Floviva Pink Peppercorn OilSchinus terebinthifoliaSeed
      Floviva Pine OilPinus sylvestrisNeedle
      Floviva Ravensara OilRavensara aromaticaLeaf
      Floviva Ravintsara OilCinnamomum camphora L.Leaf
      Floviva Rhododendron OilRhododendron anthopogonLeaf & twig
      Floviva Rose Otto OilRosa damascenaFlower
      Floviva Rosemary OilRosmarinus officinalisAerial part
      Floviva Rosewood OilAniba rosaeodoraWood
      Floviva Rosewood OilDalbergia sissooWood
      Floviva Sage OilSalvia officinalis L.Leaf
      Floviva Sandalwood OilSantalum albumWood
      Floviva Sandalwood OilSantalum austrocaledonicumWood
      Floviva Sandalwood OilSantalum spicatumWood
      Floviva Spearmint OilMentha viridisAerial part
      Floviva Spikenard OilNardostachys jatamansiRoot
      Floviva Star Anise OilIllicium verumFruit
      Floviva Sugandha Kokila OilCinnamomum glaucescensBerry
      Floviva Tagette OilTagetes minuta L.Aerial part
      Floviva Tangerine OilCitrus reticulataPeel
      Floviva Tarragon OilArtemesia dracunculus L.Leaf
      Floviva Tea Tree OilMelaleuca alternifoliaLeaf & twig
      Floviva Turmeric OilCurcuma longa L.Root
      Floviva Thyme OilThymus vulgaris L.Aerial part
      Floviva Valerian OilValeriana officinalis L.Root
      Floviva VanillaVanilla planifoliaBean
      Floviva Verbena OilLippia citriodoraLeaf
      Floviva Vetivert OilVetiveria zizanioides L.Root
      Floviva Wintergreen OilGaultheria fragrantissimaLeaf
      Floviva Wormwood OilArtemesia vulgarisLeaf
      Floviva Yarrow OilAchillea millefolium L.Aerial part
      Floviva Ylang Ylang Extra OilCananga odorata L.Flower
      Floviva Ylang Ylang I / II / III OilCananga odorata L.Flower
      Floviva Ylang Ylang Complet OilCananga odorata L.Flower
      Floviva Zanthoxylum OilZanthoxylum armatumFruit

      The floviva range of hydrolats and botanical distillates offer hydrophilic active components for both skin and hair care formulations, and a fresh, characteristic flavour profile for food applications.


      Produced either as a co-product of the steam distillation process of essential oil production, or as a low temperature direct distillation process, the benefits and subtle aromatic components of the plant material are captured in a water soluble format. Available as certified organic or conventional, unpreserved as standard with preservative systems available to suit the customers application.


      HydrolatsBotanical namePart of plant used
      Floviva Chamomile Roman HydrolatChamaemelum nobile L.Flower
      Floviva Clary Sage HydrolatSalvia sclarea L.Aerial part
      Floviva Cornflower HydrolatCentaurea cyanusFlower
      Floviva Cypress HydrolatCupressus sempervirens L.Needle & twig
      Floviva Elderflower HydrolatSambucus nigraFlower
      Floviva Frankincense HydrolatBoswellia carteriiGum
      Floviva Geranium Rose HydrolatPelargonium graveolensAerial part
      Floviva Helichrsyum HydrolatHelichrysum italicumAerial part
      Floviva Juniper HydrolatJuniperus communis L.Needle
      Floviva Lavender HydrolatLavandula angustifoliaFlower
      Floviva Lemon Balm HydrolatMelissa officinalis L.Aerial part
      Floviva Orange Blossom HydrolatCitrus aurantium L.Flower
      Floviva Peppermint HydrolatMentha piperita L.Aerial part
      Floviva Rose HydrolatRosa damascenaFlower
      Floviva Rosemary HydrolatRosmarinus officinalisAerial part
      Floviva Sage HydrolatSalvia officinalis L.Leaf
      Floviva Thyme HydrolatThymus vulgaris L.Aerial part
      Floviva Witch Hazel HydrolatHamamelis virginianaLeaf

      The floviva range of vegetable oils and pressed seed oils offer many benefits to a formulation. Derived from a raw material of plant origin; a seed, nut, kernel or fruit pulp; all products are globally sourced from our farmers, co-operatives and partnerships at origin or through local partners.


      Available in various formats to suit the application, the composition and presence of esters, long-chain fatty acids, vitamins, tocopherols, anthocyanins, phytosterols and antioxidant polyphenols allows our certified organic and conventional range of materials to be used in many industries. Personal care, aromatherapy, food and beverage, household, industrial, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications have a requirement, whether it be for their active or therapeutic properties, as lubricants or carriers for essential oils or for their flavour profiles or nutritional value.


      Vegetable oilsBotanical namePart of plant used
      Floviva Acai Fruit OilEuterpe oleraceaFruit pulp
      Floviva Almond Oil SweetPrunus amygdalus dulcisKernel
      Floviva Andiroba Seed OilCarapa guianensisSeed
      Floviva Apricot Kernel OilPrunus armeniacaKernel
      Floviva Argan OilArgania spinosaKernel
      Floviva Arnica Oil InfusedArnica montanaFlower
      Floviva Avocado OilPersea gratissimaFruit
      Floviva Babassu Kernel OilOrbignya oleiferaKernel
      Floviva Baobab OilAdansonia digitataSeed
      Floviva Blackcurrant Seed OilRibes nigrumSeed
      Floviva Borage OilBorago officinalisSeed
      Floviva Brazil Nut OilBertholletia excelsaKernel
      Floviva Buriti Fruit OilMauritia flexuosaFruit pulp
      Floviva Calendula Oil InfusedCalendula officinalisFlower
      Floviva Camelina OilCamelina sativaSeed
      Floviva Carrot Oil InfusedDaucus carotaRoot
      Floviva Castor OilRicinus communisSeed
      Floviva Coconut OilCocos nuciferaFlesh
      Floviva Coffee Bean Oil GreenCoffea arabicaBean
      Floviva Corn / Maize OilZea maysGerm
      Floviva Crambe Seed OilCrambe AbyssinicaSeed
      Floviva Cranberry Seed OilVaccinium macrocarponSeed
      Floviva Cumin Seed Oil BlackNigella sativaSeed
      Floviva Dhatelo OilPrinsepia utilisSeed
      Floviva Evening Primrose OilOenothera biennisSeed
      Floviva Grapeseed OilVitis viniferaSeed
      Floviva Hazelnut OilCorylus americanaKernel
      Floviva Hemp OilCannabis sativaSeed
      Floviva Hibiscus OilHibiscus sabdariffaSeed
      Floviva Jojoba OilSimmondsia chienensisFruit
      Floviva Linseed OilLinum usitatissimumSeed
      Floviva Macadamia Nut OilMacadamia ternifoliaNut
      Floviva Neem OilMelia azadirachtaSeed
      Floviva Olive Oil Extra VirginOlea europaeaFruit
      Floviva Palm OilElaeis guineensisFruit pulp / Kernel
      Floviva Peach Kernel OilPrunus persicaKernel
      Floviva Pomegranate Seed OilPunica granatumSeed
      Floviva Poppy Seed OilPapaver orientaleSeed
      Floviva Pracaxi Seed OilPentaclethra macrolobaSeed
      Floviva Pumpkinseed OilCucurbita pepoSeed
      Floviva Raspberry Seed OilRubus idaeusSeed
      Floviva Rapeseed OilBrassica napusSeed
      Floviva Rosehip Seed OilRosa caninaSeed
      Floviva Safflower OilCarthamus tinctoriusSeed
      Floviva Seabuckthorn OilHippophae rhamnoidesFruit pulp / Seed
      Floviva Sesame OilSesamum indicumSeed
      Floviva Soyabean OilGlycine maxBean
      Floviva St. John’s Wort Oil InfusedHypericum perforatumFlower
      Floviva Strawberry Seed OilFragaria ananassaSeed
      Floviva Sunflower OilHelianthus annuusSeed
      Floviva Tamanu OilCalophyllum inophyllumKernel
      Floviva Walnut OilJuglans regiaKernel
      Floviva Wheatgerm OilTriticum vulgareGrain germ

      The floviva range of waxes, both natural and synthetic offer a variety of benefits to modern day formulations. With raw material of plant origin or from honey bees, our globally produced materials are sourced with sustainability at the forefront of our responsibility. For that reason, our synthetic options are an alternative to ensure international trade in plants does not threaten their survival (CITES agreement).


      Composed of fatty acid esters, hydrocarbons and with high melting points, our certified organic and conventional range are used in many industries. Providing stability, improving viscosity and consistency and offering protective and film forming properties, our waxes are important raw materials in personal care formulations but are also important in candle making as well as food, pharmaceutical, household and industrial industries.


      WaxesBotanical NamePart of plant used
      Floviva BeeswaxCera alba
      Floviva Chamomile Wild WaxCladanthus mixtus L.Flower
      Floviva Geranium WaxPelargonium graveolensAerial part
      Floviva Jasmin WaxJasminum grandiflorum L.Flower
      Floviva Lavender WaxLavandula angustifoliaFlower
      Floviva Mimosa WaxAcacia decurrensFlower
      Floviva Orange Flower WaxCitrus aurantium var. amaraFlower
      Floviva Rose WaxRosa damascenaFlower
      Floviva Violet Leaf WaxViola odorataLeaf
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