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Cosphaderm® Feel
Cosphaderm Feel is an emollient, lubricant and conditioning agent with an elegant skin feel. Sourced from castor oil, it is...
Cosphaderm LA-T markus-spiske-G2kO9dnnEH0-unsplash
Cosphaderm® LA-T
Cosphaderm LA-T is a plant-based multifunctional with antimicrobial activity. Strong activity against bacteria and moderate against yeast, Cosphaderm LA-T can...
Magnolia sieboldii 404-97-A
Cosphaderm® MultiMEG
Cosphaderm MultiMeg is a 100% natural, multifunctional, skin conditioning agent with antimicrobial properties that provide broad spectrum activity. Cosphaderm MultiMEG is...
Cosphaderm® SF-75H
Cosphaderm SF-75H is a fractionated and hydrogenated, de-oiled sunflower lecithin in powdered form with minimum of 70% phosphatidylcholine content. The...
Cosphaderm T-70 NON GMO gayatri-malhotra-2V_eJBPIsQ4-unsplash
Cosphaderm® T-50 NON GMO ECO
Cosphaderm T-50 NON GMO ECO  is a mixed tocopherol with high content of beta, gamma and delta tocopherols that acts...
Cosphaderm T-70 NON-GMO Soy
Cosphaderm® T-70 NON GMO Soy
Cosphaderm T-70 NON GMO Soy is a mixed tocopherol with high content of beta, gamma and delta tocopherols that acts...
Cosphaderm® TOM
Cosphaderm TOM is a natural, multifunctional humectant and emollient with antimicrobial properties. Broad-spectrum, Cosphaderm TOM has strong activity against bacterial,...
HMA Conditoner park-street-3ExPoluud54-unsplash
HMA Conditioner
HMA Conditioner is an encapsulation technique based on the induction of the partial polymer desolvation that is then deposited in...
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