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TAOS AOAP Ferment™

TAOS AOAP Ferment™

TAOS AOAP Ferment is a patented fermentation of Sorghum Bicolor Leaf stem using Aspergillus oryzae . It is a highly effective antipollution active that prevents or suppresses skin damage and skin ageing caused by environmental pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and fine dust.

Sorghum is composed of phenolic compounds and tannins and has a rich red natural pigment; anthocyanin.  Anthocyanin is a natural antioxidant, properties of which are enhanced though proprietary fermentation using Aspergillus oryzae in producing TAOS AOAP Ferment.  Aspergillus oryzae is a bacteria used in Korea and other parts of Asia to ferment food and is safe and beneficial for consumption.


Skin Protection

Beat Pollution
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