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TAOS BrightFirm™

TAOS BrightFirm is a fermentation of Pueraria Lobata Root with a patented strain of Lactobacillus ramnosus.  A special strain micro-organism, Lactobacillus ramnosus amplifies the content of active ingredient or produces new substances through bioconversion.  In this fermentation process, isoflavone rich Pureraria Lobata Root is enriched and the strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cell proliferation properties are enhanced. Fermentation process additionally converts isoflavone into equol through microbial alterations.

Pueraria lobata, known as Kudzu and is one of the earliest plants in traditional medicine in Japan and China. Used to treat alcoholism by increasing the antioxidant enzymes that mitigate oxidative damage and inhibit oxidative stress. TAOS BrightFirm provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It additionally provides antiglycation, skin regeneration, and melanogenesis inhibitory activities.


• Anti-ageing
• Skin Lightening
• Antioxidant
• Anti-wrinkle



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