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Cool. Hydrate. Heal.

Formula Number

TAOS Ingredients found in Cool. Hydrate. Heal.:
TAOS Soothing Cooler WS_unsplash
TAOS Soothing Cooler™
TAOS Soothing Cooler is a patented synergetic complex of extracts that prevent thermal related skin aging and hair loss. It...
Baoba Tree gemmmm-yCC0UjBxAyo-unsplash
Floviva Baobab Oil
Floviva Baobab Oil is produced from the seed of the Baobab tree, which can be found inside the fruit. The...
Cosphaderm® KG
Cosphaderm KG is a Non-GMO, food grade glucomannan derived from Konjac flour. It is high molecular weight, water soluble polysaccharide...
Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS
Cosphaderm Sodium LAAS is Sugar Cane and Star Anise derived skin conditioning and flavoring agent with broad spectrum antimicrobial properties....
Cosphaderm Propanediol Natural jason-leung-1508809-unsplash
Cosphaderm® Propanediol Natural
Cosphaderm Propanediol Natural is a plant-based, NON-GMO, humectant and skin conditioning agent with antimicrobial properties for skin and hair care...
Cosphaderm® Sodium Hyaluronate
Cosphaderm Sodium Hyaluronate is a surface active moisturizer that provides wrinkle filling effects. With a strong water-binding capacity, Cosphaderm Sodium...
Cosphaderm Econat Natural 2 ivan-bandura-o7GsKbYBpPY-unsplash
Cosphaderm PA ECONAT
Cosphaderm PA ECONAT is a naturally certified chelating agent and solvent derived from corn and rice. A plant-base and environmentally...
Cosphaderm Pentiol GL adrien-converse-WYmPNSUyfNg-unsplash
Cosphaderm® Pentiol GL
Cosphaderm Pentiol GL is a skin conditioning agent and solvent with strong antimicrobial activity against bacteria and moderate against yeast...
St. John’s Wort Oil CLR
St. John’s Wort Oil CLR is the extract of the overground parts of St. John’s Wort plants in native olive...
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