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Innovactive Ingredients

Based out of Barcelona Spain, Innovactive Ingredients is a company inspired by nature and supported by science that transform a simple ingredient into Ferment-Peptide Complex for beauty applications. Using The Green Ferment Tech® (GTF), Innovactive Ingredient produces high quality, proven actives in the form of fermented-peptides.

The effectiveness of the Fermento-Peptide Complex results from the synergy with the peptides produced by the bacteria.  The high-quality ferment, is unique with antioxidant activities and is titrated in key enzymes, rich in biologically active peptides and B vitamins that enhances the properties of each specific peptide of natural origin.

WOMANFERM is a Ferment-Peptide Complex that fights the signs of aging associated with hormonal variations starting from Premenopausal period. The...
Hyaluferm Moist-some
HYALUFERM MOIST-SOME a natural encapsulation using liposome technology, of two actives to increase deep skin hydration for at least 72...
MicroFerm is a natural Ferment-Peptide Complex consisting of antimicrobial peptide derived from plant amino acids with a strong activity against...
Barrierferm is a synergy of a peptide produced by bacteria to strengthens the skin barrier and its functions. A Ferment-Peptide...
Lipoferm is synergy of a peptide produced by bacteria for contouring face and body. A Ferment-Peptide Complex, Lipoferm is produced...
Pigmenferm is a synergy of a peptide produced by bacteria with antioxidant properties to delay gray hair formation. A Ferment-Peptide...
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