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Barrierferm is a synergy of a peptide produced by bacteria to strengthens the skin barrier and its functions. A Ferment-Peptide Complex Barrierferm is produced using Innovactvie Ingredients’ fermentation strategy.

This innovative strategy adds natural-origin-peptides during fermentation process of a bacterium that has grown in contact with a substrate of vegetable origin. The effectiveness of the Ferment-Peptide Complex results from the synergy with the peptides produced by the bacteria and the enhancement of properties through fermentation.

Barrierferm promotes microbiota balance, diversity and growth of beneficial bacteria . It fortifies and protects barrier which prevents dehydration for overall improvement of skin.

Enhances protection to prevent dehydration
• Provides moisturizing activity
• Provides microbiota balance
• Antioxidant protection against environmental factors, i.e. UV, Blue Light, Ozone

Glycerin, Bacillus Ferment, Acetyl Heptapeptide-4
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