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3D Hydra APS
3D Hydra APS is an encapsulated polarized water. Special physical-chemical properties of the water are due to the specific configuration of...
Aqua Shuttle shifaaz-shamoon-SxFUdWTRnJM-unsplash
Aqua Shuttle
Aqua Shuttle represents a new concept in the field of hydrating products. It is the result of advanced encapsulation and...
Arnica Oil CLR
Arnica Oil CLR suitable for a wide variety of skin and hair care concepts, such as anti–hair loss, relief for...
Carrot Oil CLR
Carrot Oil CLR is especially suitable for anti-aging skin care, sun and after-sun care, and all skincare concepts for obtaining...
Maricol S
Maricol S contains fish skin derived native, soluble collagen with undamaged, i.e. skin identical, structure.  Maricol S as native soluble collagen...
MVP SapphireLift
MVP Sapphire Lift is a delivery system based on sapphire particles that incorporate two powerful active ingredients that increase skin...
NIXALIN is a lipophilic active ingredient that promotes tissue regeneration and helps the skin return to the natural radiance and...
PhytoDefense CLR™
PhytoDefense CLR is especially designed for the care of hyper-reactive and irritable skin. It essentially reduces the sensitivity of skin by...
Phytosan™ K
Phytosan K activates skin’s cellular repair processes, supporting the maintenance of cellular integrity and energy after UV irradiation. Both are...
Repair Complex CLR™ PF
Repair Complex CLR PF is a biotechnological anti-aging active, obtained from a lysate of probiotic bifidobacteria, which potently protects against UV-induced...
Sedaplant Richter™
Sedaplant Richter contains potent mixtures of extracts from fennel, hops, chamomile, balm mint, mistletoe and yarrow, as well as urea...
Soluvit Richter NP
Based on an extract of horse chestnut enriched with vitamins A, E, F, H (biotin) and vitamins of the B...
TIMP PEPTIDE POWDER apostolos-vamvouras-NrYN2sYd9sg-unsplash
TIMP Peptide Powder
TIMP Peptide Powder is a chronological aging regulation mechanism. It is ideal for use in cosmetics to prevent chronological aging,...
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