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CutiGuard CLR
CutiGuard CLR™ constitutes a refined approach to the first signs of skin aging. It transfers the adaptivity and resilience of...
Glacial OCeanic Clay2
Glacial Oceanic Clay
Glacial Oceanic Clay is a glacier and ocean deposits that started forming more than 2.5 million years ago along the...
MPC™ Milk Peptide Complex
MPC reduces the visible signs of aging by reactivating skin cells and inducing the production of extracellular matrix molecules in the...
MVP SapphireLift
MVP Sapphire Lift is a delivery system based on sapphire particles that incorporate two powerful active ingredients that increase skin...
Renaissance Powder
Renaissance is self-assembling tissue engineering technology that create a 3D regenerative matrix that promotes fibroblast development, cell proliferation, differentiation and...
Soluvit Richter NP
Based on an extract of horse chestnut enriched with vitamins A, E, F, H (biotin) and vitamins of the B...
Trojan® Q10
Trojan Q10 is a first dual-targeted system that effectively delivers CoQ10 with pinpoint accuracy to fibroblast mitochondria. The technology displays...
WOMANFERM is a Ferment-Peptide Complex that fights the signs of aging associated with hormonal variations starting from Premenopausal period. The...
X50 Silhouette Solution
X50 Silhouette anti-cellulite complex that combines a biomimetic peptide and a Coccoloba extract in a unique delivery system, the Cosmetic...
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