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CutiGuard CLR

CutiGuard CLR

CutiGuard CLR™ constitutes a refined approach to the first signs of skin aging. It transfers the adaptivity and resilience of Galdieria sulphuraria, the extremophile red alga, to a highly effective, natural active ingredient that protects the skin in stressful environments.

CutiGuard CLR™ reduces the number of senescent cells and associated inflammatory and destructive mediators which lead to visible skin aging. It thus protects skin against premature aging. CutiGuard CLR™ also reduces wrinkles and significantly improves skin smoothness as well as the evenness of skin color – three crucial factors for a healthy and young appearance.

With its proactive and preventive approach, CutiGuard CLR™ slows down the skin aging process and helps to avoid the development of the first signs of skin aging.

• Anti-wrinkle, firming, smoothing
• Skin regeneration
• Skin protection

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