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CutiBiome CLR™

CutiBiome CLR is a synergistic complex of lipophilic extracts from Manuka, Black Pepper and Magnolia. It provides essential support for the natural balance between skin and its microbiota in difficult situations, like acne and dandruff.

CutiBiome CLR reduces the film forming activity and significantly inhibits the growth of virulent phylotypes of Cutibacterium acnes. It strongly reduces inflammation involved in acne and dandruff. Sebum, comedones, pustules and pimples are reduced dramatically, as was confirmed by instrumental determinations and the volunteers themselves. Other in vivo studies showed potent reduction of dandruff. 4 weeks of 3 times weekly use of a hair tonic with CutiBiome CLR lead to similar results to Piroctone Olamine, but clearly outperformed it in reducing scalp oiliness, sensitivity and itch.

• Acts on the core problems of skin dysbiosis
• Reduces growth and biofilm formation of most virulent phylotypes of C. acnes
• Inhibits the expression of 5α-reductase and shows potent anti-inflammatory effects
• Noticeably reduces sebum, papules, pustules and comedones
• Potently acts against dandruff and scalp sensitivity
Cosmos approved

Octyldodecanol, Leptospermum Scoparium Branch/Leaf Oil, Piper Nigrum Seed Extract, Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract
Black Tulip Drops
A lightweight scalp serum to help support scalp health and reduce grays.
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