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Lactokine™ Fluid PF

Lactokine Fluid PF contains a network of activated and stabilized signal molecules derived from milk, suitable for a wide variety of skincare concepts. It effectively soothes and calms skin, accelerating the reduction of skin redness and irritation after external stresses. Additionally, Lactokine Fluid PF vitalizes and energizes skin cells and induces the synthesis of collagen, yielding skin smoothing and firming properties, thus making it a potent anti-aging product. In other in vivo studies Lactokine Fluid PF was shown to be very effective in skin lightening, reducing the production of melanin.


• Regenerative and soothing care of stressed skin
• Anti-wrinkle and firming
• Skin lightening and protection
• Particularly suitable for after-sun, after-shave, and baby care products



Milk Protein
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