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MVP Golden Collagenine

MVP Golden Collagenine is a delivery system based on gold particles that incorporate a powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredient. The active ingredient is bound to the surface of the gold particle which favors its stabilization, solubility, and bioavailability of the active in time. With this delivery system, the bioavailability can be increased up to 90 times compared to that of the free peptide in the skin so that the effectiveness of the active substance is maintained with low use level.


MVP Golden Collagenine helps increase the synthesis of collagen in the dermis, reducing wrinkles and fine lines of the skin. At a recommended concentration of 0.3%, the in-vivo study achieved an average wrinkle reduction of 55%.



• Noble metals and precious germ as carries for active stabilization
• Over 90% of gold conjugated peptides remain after 24 hours,
_ vs 100% of free peptides are degraded in 3 hours
• More potent than free peptide to increase collagen I and III
• Significant wrinkle reduction


Water, Acetyl heptapeptide-9, Colloidal gold
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