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3D Hydra APS
3D Hydra APS is an encapsulated polarized water. Special physical-chemical properties of the water are due to the specific configuration of...
Aqua Shuttle shifaaz-shamoon-SxFUdWTRnJM-unsplash
Aqua Shuttle
Aqua Shuttle represents a new concept in the field of hydrating products. It is the result of advanced encapsulation and...
BoNT-L Peptide
BONT-L Peptide  is a synthetic peptide with Botox-like activity that provides a painless, non-invasive treatment at lower cost and with...
Bronzing S.F. Peptide Solution
Bronzing S.F. Peptide Solution is a neuropeptide that induces melanogenesis by the activation of the mechanism of action of the...
ECM Moduline Peptide prince-akachi-727983-unsplash
ECM Moduline Peptide Powder
ECM Moduline Peptide Powder is the key in the regeneration of extracellular matrix that provides stimulation of the production of...
Golden C NG
Golden C NG, ascorbic acid and glutathione conjugated to gold sub-microparticles for active stabilization that assures 100 % ascorbic acid...
HMA Conditoner park-street-3ExPoluud54-unsplash
HMA Conditioner
HMA Conditioner is an encapsulation technique based on the induction of the partial polymer desolvation that is then deposited in...
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HMA Silky
HMA Silky is an encapsulation technique based on the induction of the partial polymer desolvation that is then deposited in...
HMA UV-Shell
HMA UV Shell is an encapsulation technique based on the induction of the partial polymer desolvation that is then deposited...
LPD Multivitamin Shuttle
LPD Multivitamin Shuttle is a multivitamin complex encapsulated in liposomes that stabilize, carry and deliver vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin...
MVP Diamond Sirt
MVP Diamond Sirt is a biometric peptide conjugated to diamond particles  that helps prevent premature aging by stimulating the synthesis...
MVP Golden Collagenine
MVP Golden Collagenine is a delivery system based on gold particles that incorporate a powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredient. The active...
MVP Platinum Matrix Pwd
MVP Platinum Matrix Pwd is a delivery system based on platinum particles that incorporate a powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredient and...
MVP SapphireLift
MVP Sapphire Lift is a delivery system based on sapphire particles that incorporate two powerful active ingredients that increase skin...
Natuercells Antiaging herbert-ritsch-X93GvF6B7pE-unsplash
NatureCells Antiaging
NatureCells Antiaging is a complex containing Vitis Vinifera stem cell extract incorporated in lecithin liposomes. It reduces expression levels and...
PhytosteCol ava-sol-8agkb7Aef_Y-unsplash
PhytosteCol V2
A novel encapsulation of nutrient-rich, plant-based super-food, PhytosteCol V2 mimics good cholesterol function in cell membranes by restoring barrier function...
Renaissance Powder
Renaissance is self-assembling tissue engineering technology that create a 3D regenerative matrix that promotes fibroblast development, cell proliferation, differentiation and...
Reticap (PF) is a polymeric microencapsulated retinol for increased stability. It is ideal for use in a range of cosmetics...
Rovisome Retionol Moist Cosmetic Active Pro MB
Rovisome Retionol Moist Cosmetic Active Pro MB is a wrinkle fighting moisturizer formulated to deliver a high concentration of pure retinol...
Shield Bact Peptide
Shield Bact Peptide is a cationic biomimetic peptide with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity for natural skin protection.      
TIMP PEPTIDE POWDER apostolos-vamvouras-NrYN2sYd9sg-unsplash
TIMP Peptide Powder
TIMP Peptide Powder is a chronological aging regulation mechanism. It is ideal for use in cosmetics to prevent chronological aging,...
Trojan® Q10
Trojan Q10 is a first dual-targeted system that effectively delivers CoQ10 with pinpoint accuracy to fibroblast mitochondria. The technology displays...
UTMF Ceramide III
Based on Ultra-Thin Molecular Films (UTMF), UMTF Ceramide III reinforces the lipid barrier of the skin and repairs and protects...
Vitalease 7E ana-maria-nichita-eCyk3SwvItg-unsplash
Vitalease 7E
VitAlease 7E is a highly stable, 100% retinol encapsulated into natural Carnauba wax that allows sustained release of high-strength retinol....
X50 Antiaging Powder
X50 Antiaging  Powder is the most advanced anti-wrinkle complex in the cosmetic field. It combines two biomimetic peptides in a...
X50 Hyalufiller Solution
X50 Hyalufiller is an innovative active ingredient complex that stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and acts as a deep...
X 50 Myocept 2 naeim-jafari-MZJoFBxM_x4-unsplash
X50 Myocept Powder
X50 Myocept Powder targets skin neurons for an improved botox-like ingredient. It minimizes neuronal exocytosis by inhibiting calcium entry at...
X50 Pure White Powder
X50 Pure White, an innovative delivery system that combines two peptides in the same particle turning it into a “smart...
X50 Silhouette Solution
X50 Silhouette anti-cellulite complex that combines a biomimetic peptide and a Coccoloba extract in a unique delivery system, the Cosmetic...
X50 Skin Barrier
An advanced skin protecting system, X50 Barrier Powder is based on skin barrier function improvement that actively-targets KERATINOCYTES to keep...
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