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TAOS Healing Flower

TAOS Healing Flower™

TAOS Healing Flower is derived from Sparassis Crispa is a species of fungus in the Sparassidaceae family and is called cauliflower fungus. It Grows on the base of pine trees and other softwoods in the summer and autumn and has the highest Beta-Glucan content of any of various mushrooms in its species.

TAOS Healing Flower provides a significantly higher immune-control effect among Beta-Glucan of various mushroom species. It contains 1000 ppm Beta-Glucan, 43.5% higher than that of Agaricus bisporus also known as button mushroom (11.6%) and Ganoderma lingzhi otherwise known as the reishi mushrooms (18.1%).

TAOS Healing Flower provides strong anti-inflammation and wound healing properties.  Derived from the polysaccharide from the cell walls of mushroom, it provides ultimate hydration and regenerates skins. It is a functional health food and medicinal in function.


Wound healing 
Effectively moisturizes
1000ppm of Beta-Glucan
Antioxidant properties

Beta-Glucan, Lentinus Edodes Extract
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