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Aqua Shuttle shifaaz-shamoon-SxFUdWTRnJM-unsplash
Aqua Shuttle
Aqua Shuttle represents a new concept in the field of hydrating products. It is the result of advanced encapsulation and...
Barrierferm is a synergy of a peptide produced by bacteria to strengthens the skin barrier and its functions. A Ferment-Peptide...
Ceramide Complex CLR™ PE-F
Ceramide Complex CLR PE-F is Plant-derived sphingolipids and phospholipids in lamellar structure that  supplies skin with structural elements and supports...
Cosmetic pipette with a drop on dark background.
Cosphaderm Absolute
Cosphaderm Absolute is a blend of three humectant actives in optimally aligned concentrations for skin hydration and for antimicrobial activity....
Cosphaderm Octiol Natural
Cosphaderm® Octiol natural is a pure and colorless diol, with strong and pH-independent antimicrobial activity. COSMOS and Nature certified, is...
DayMoist CLR™
DayMoist CLR is a complex of natural plant-derived active ingredients that potently and immediately increases the concentration of the natural...
corn germination
Greengrown Glucosamine is a vegan glucosamine derived from the fermentation of non-GMO corn. Produced for the supplement industry, Greengrown Glucosamine...
Hyaluferm Moist-some
HYALUFERM MOIST-SOME a natural encapsulation using liposome technology, of two actives to increase deep skin hydration for at least 72...
Lipoferm is synergy of a peptide produced by bacteria for contouring face and body. A Ferment-Peptide Complex, Lipoferm is produced...
MultiMoist CLR™
MultiMoist CLR is a hydration powerhouse that activates production of the vitamin D receptor (VDR), promotes the VDR’s activation and...
TAOS AminoSea™
TAOS AminoSea is a synergetic complex of amino acids, plant-derived polysaccharides and deep sea mineral water to balance, hydrates and...
TAOS Golden Curcuma Oil™
TAOS Golden Curcuma Oil is film forming oil using the root of Curcuma Longa, better known as Turmeric and is...
TAOS Healing Flower
TAOS Healing Flower™
TAOS Healing Flower is derived from Sparassis Crispa is a species of fungus in the Sparassidaceae family and is called...
TAOS Jeju Camellia Oil
TAOS Jeju Camellia Oil™
TAOS Jeju Camilla Oil is film forming oil that incorporates oil extracted from Camellia Japonica seeds from Jeju, South Korea...
TAOS MoistShroom™
TAOS MoistShroom is derived from Lentinus Edodes, an edible and medicinal mushroom known as shiitake. It contains 1000ppm Beta-Glucan, the...
TAOS Redroot Oil
TAOS RedRoot Oil™
TAOS Redroot Oil is film forming oil and is a part of the TAOS WR Series, a collection of multifunction...
WOMANFERM is a Ferment-Peptide Complex that fights the signs of aging associated with hormonal variations starting from Premenopausal period. The...
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