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TAOS MoistShroom™

TAOS MoistShroom is derived from Lentinus Edodes, an edible and medicinal mushroom known as shiitake. It contains 1000ppm Beta-Glucan, the highest Beta-Glucan of all edible mushrooms in its species (33.50%).

TAOS MoistShroom enhances skin moisturization and improves vitamin D deficiency.  It activates immune system and provides strong antioxidant activities. Derived from the polysaccharides of cell walls of  mushrooms, it effectively moisturizes and leaves the skin supple. Beta-Glucan of mushroom are considered a functional health food and medicinal.


Effectively moisturizes
1000ppm of Beta-Glucan
Antioxidant properties

Beta-Glucan, Lentinus Edodes Extract
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