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X50 Skin Barrier

An advanced skin protecting system, X50 Barrier Powder is based on skin barrier function improvement that actively-targets KERATINOCYTES to keep skin healthy and functional ensuring structure of the epidermis is in good condition. The mechanism of X50 Skin Barrier is based on favoring the synthesis of keratins, filaggrin and loricrin, key structural proteins in the formation of the epidermis.This expression helps to promote skin renewal by restoring the barrier barrier function.


Based on an advanced targeted release system, the Cosmetic Drone an Intelligent Delivery System (ITD), X50 Skin Barrier releases the active where it is necessary and during the time required to increase its bioavailability and achieve an optimal result with the lowest possible dose.


• Rebuilds and regenerates skin barrier function
• Regulates skin homeostasis and improves hydration
_-via filaggrin proteolysis to release NMF
• Increases epidermal density and delays wrinkle appearance


Water, Xanthan Gum, Lactic Acid/Glycolic Acid Copolymer, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Palmitoyl Heptapeptide-27, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide-78, Palmitoyl Octapeptide-24
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