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Skinimalism – Less is the new More: By CLR

In December 2020 Pinterest declared “Skinimalism” the top trend for 2021, based on searches on the platform. So, what is “Skinimalism”?

The Minimalism trend has been around for a while and gained momentum when Marie Kondo encouraged us to declutter our homes and get rid of all the things that “don’t spark joy”. Translated into beauty, this means getting rid of all the products that don’t benefit us. There is more to it, though. “Skinimalism” is the countertrend to photo-filtered perfection, 12-step skincare routines and hyper-consumerism. In the 2010s we saw the rise of the shelfie, a photo of a curated ensemble of products on vanity shelves. This more-is-better trend was fueled by the popularity of Korean skin care and its multiple step routines.

Today’s consumers have a holistic approach. Beauty is no longer considered to be the result of something that can be applied onto skin but rather the outcome of a healthy lifestyle including a nutritious diet, a healthy sleep cycle and mental health. That does not mean consumers are not interested in skin care products anymore, though. Thanks to the rising popularity of dermatologists and cosmetic chemists on social media, they are well educated on skin health and interested in suitable skin care ingredients.

Main drivers for the “Skinimalism” trend are factors like well-being, multi-functionality and sustainability. Especially during the last year, many consumers learned to appreciate a relaxing beauty ritual to not just enhance their appearance, but also to reduce the negative psychological implications of the pandemic. In today’s world, consumers use their me-time to slow down, practice mindfulness and use products that really benefit their skin and their mental health. They look for products with proven efficacy and multiple benefits while focusing on the essentials.

There is an environmental aspect to skinimalism as well. Consumers are increasingly aware of the fact that using more products causes more waste and will have a higher environmental impact. They are interested in sustainable packaging but also want to buy less products. This means that consumer trust and loyalty will become even more important for brands, as well as reliability, transparency and verified efficacy.

Popular formulations that fit the “Skinimalism” trend are multi-functional products, essential products like cleansers and moisturizers as well as hybrid products.

Ready To Smile Purifying Micellar Foam
Get ready to smile with a deeper purified skin than ever before. This micellar foam is a gentle, rinsible face cleanser that cleanses and softens skin, without disrupting the skin‘s natural pH value. The micellar technology attracts dirt, oil and makeup and will rinse impurities from the skin easily. It preserves the natural balance of the skin and ensures a perfect feeling of well-being.

CutiBiome CLR™ noticeably reduces sebum, papules, pustules and comedones, providing a pure complexion. MultiMoist CLR™ maintains the osmotic balance of skin and leaves the skin deeply hydrated.

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