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Is there a new wave of better aging skincare?

Simply put, yes! A shift has taken place amongst consumers away from “Antiaging” to instead looking the best at any age. This overdue shift to “Well Aging” or the science of vital aging, is a holistic approach that includes skincare products with actives with proven efficacy, that help address and reach healthy skincare goals.

Check out these smart solutions from our partner CLR for healthy:

CutiGuard CLR™
·    Based on galdieria sulphuraria, an extremophilic red alga
·    Protects skin cells from the three main influences of skin aging:
·    external stress, internal stress and time
·    Strongly acts against cell senescence
·    Reduces wrinkles and improves skin color evenness

ProRenew Complex CLR™ NP
·    Postbiotic solution, sustainably produced, with convincing efficacy
·    Improves epidermal growth and skin quality
·    Accelerates skin barrier recovery
·    Protects the skin’s delicate ecosystem

Belides™ ORG
·     Obtained from organic daisy flowers
·     Reduces skin pigmentation by influencing 5 different cellular pathways
·     Lightens and evens skin tone
·     Reduces visibility of age spots

CutiBiome CLR™
·     Based on ancient wisdom and next generation skin microbiota research
·     Acts on the core problems of skin dysbiosis
·     Noticeably reduces sebum, papules, pustules and comedones
·     Actively supports the scalp microbiome to return to a healthy state

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