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Bronzing S.F. Peptide Solution
Bronzing S.F. Peptide Solution is a neuropeptide that induces melanogenesis by the activation of the mechanism of action of the...
DermaTive Guava Leaf
DermaTive Guava Leaf is a matrix building botanical ferment, with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Guava leaves have been used...
G+C Complex ™
G+C Complex is a vegan  biotechnological anti-aging active, obtained from a lysate of probiotic bifidobacteria, which potently protects against UV-induced...
Hinoline® is an antiaging, anti-acne active with antimicrobial properties that does not affect human cutaneous microbiota. The antiaging component of...
MVP Diamond Sirt
MVP Diamond Sirt is a biometric peptide conjugated to diamond particles  that helps prevent premature aging by stimulating the synthesis...
Phytosan™ K
Phytosan K activates skin’s cellular repair processes, supporting the maintenance of cellular integrity and energy after UV irradiation. Both are...
Poppyderm® is an antiaging active that increases the expression pf Hyaluronic Acid(HA) in the skin, one of the major skin components,...
TAOS Redroot Oil
TAOS RedRoot Oil™
TAOS Redroot Oil is film forming oil and is a part of the TAOS WR Series, a collection of multifunction...
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