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Hinoline® is an antiaging, anti-acne active with antimicrobial properties that does not affect human cutaneous microbiota.

The antiaging component of Hinoline is Hinokitiol, a natural extract from sawdust of Aomori Hiba known as the tree of life in Japan. A slow growing cypress tree with an incredible lifespan, the wood from this tree is used for various applications as well as the extracted essential oil.

Levulinic acid, which was obtained by fermentation of sugar cane, and has been used to enhance permeation of several drugs, makes HINOLINE a highly effective multifunction active ingredient.

Hinokitiol acts as a chelator of ions and has antiaging activity at three levels. It acts on the extracellular matrix by inhibiting MMPs, it stimulates SOD and Catalase and inhibits a series of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Synergistically combining Hinokitiol with Levulinic acid makes Hinoline a natural and highly-effective ingredient ideal oily and acne prone skin. It has been clinically proven to reduces the number of pimple, acne lesions and reduce shine.

• Reduces destruction of collagen
• Increases hyaluronic acid and collagen III production
• Protects against from oxidative stress
• Decrease acne problematic skin


Aqua, Levulinic Acid, Hinokitiol
Purifying Mineral Mist
Relief for problem skin. Moisture and cools for a refreshed appearance.
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