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MVP Diamond Sirt

MVP Diamond Sirt

MVP Diamond Sirt is a biometric peptide conjugated to diamond particles  that helps prevent premature aging by stimulating the synthesis of sirtuins (SIRT-1), type of anti-aging proteins. Based on a delivery system that optimizes biodistribution and improve bioavailability of antiaging actives, MVP Diamond Sirt favors stabilization, solubility, and bioavailability of the active over time to enhance skin functionality and reduced oxidative damage that cause premature aging.


With this release system we can increase said bioavailability up to 90 times compared to the half-life of a free peptide in the skin so that the effectiveness of the active substance is maintained with lower doses of use.



• Naturally stimulates the synthesis of Sirt 1+, increasing cell resilience
• Mitigates damges done by UV exposure and pollution by producing
__anti-aging factors produced by Sirt1+
• Superior protection of skin structure and loss of functionality over Resveratrol


Water, Acetyl sh-Pentapeptide-35, Silica, Diamond Powder
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