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Bronzing S.F. Peptide Solution
Bronzing S.F. Peptide Solution is a neuropeptide that induces melanogenesis by the activation of the mechanism of action of the...
DermaTive Guava Leaf
DermaTive Guava Leaf is a matrix building botanical ferment, with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Guava leaves have been used...
Hinoline® is an antiaging, anti-acne active with antimicrobial properties that does not affect human cutaneous microbiota. The antiaging component of...
MVP Diamond Sirt
MVP Diamond Sirt is a biometric peptide conjugated to diamond particles  that helps prevent premature aging by stimulating the synthesis...
MVP SapphireLift
MVP Sapphire Lift is a delivery system based on sapphire particles that incorporate two powerful active ingredients that increase skin...
Phytosan™ K
Phytosan K activates skin’s cellular repair processes, supporting the maintenance of cellular integrity and energy after UV irradiation. Both are...
Poppyderm® is an antiaging active that increases the expression pf Hyaluronic Acid(HA) in the skin, one of the major skin components,...
Renaissance Powder
Renaissance is self-assembling tissue engineering technology that create a 3D regenerative matrix that promotes fibroblast development, cell proliferation, differentiation and...
Repair Complex CLR™ PF
Repair Complex CLR PF is a biotechnological anti-aging active, obtained from a lysate of probiotic bifidobacteria, which potently protects against UV-induced...
Syricalm™ CLR PC
A natural product derived from Poria cocos and Phragmites, SyriCalm CLR PC effectively reduces inflammation and strongly supports skin in dealing with...
TAOS Redroot Oil
TAOS RedRoot Oil™
TAOS Redroot Oil is film forming oil and is a part of the TAOS WR Series, a collection of multifunction...
TIMP PEPTIDE POWDER apostolos-vamvouras-NrYN2sYd9sg-unsplash
TIMP Peptide Powder
TIMP Peptide Powder is a chronological aging regulation mechanism. It is ideal for use in cosmetics to prevent chronological aging,...
X50 Pure White Powder
X50 Pure White, an innovative delivery system that combines two peptides in the same particle turning it into a “smart...
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