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Centellane® is Pharma grade, high purity liquid and stable Centella Asiatica Extract from plants harvested in Madagascar. Every batch is standardized to 1% triterpene and has 100% bioactivity over 12 months.

Used in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine, pharmaceutical applications, Centellane has beneficial effects on skin and wound healing by improving a wide range of cutaneous parameters.

With multiple skin benefits, Centellane improves barrier function, prevents skin-aging, dehydration and increases wound healing properties by increasing the levels of college I syntheses in fibroblasts. Centellane stimulates Autopage and Mitophagy, key elements in the detoxification process as well as having strong anti-inflammatory properties.

• Wound Healing
• Barrie fortification
• Detoxification

Maltodextrin, Tulipa Gesneriana Flower Extract
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