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Primadulcine® limits cortisol biosynthesis and protects extracellular matrix from signs of aging as a result of chronic stress induced by environmental and emotional parameters. Primadulcine is Derived from Primrose, a flower seen as a symbol of spring and the revival of nature.  Used medicinally to calm mild anxiety and to soothe skin irritation, Primrose belongs to the Primulaceae family and grows in meadows and forests.  PRI MADULCINE ® is made from Primrose harvested along the Loire Valley in FRANCE  and increase collagen synthesis thus restore the functions of the dermis: elasticity, resilience and hydration.

• Inhibits the biosynthesis of cortisol
• Increases the hyaluronic acid synthesis
• Increases the collagen III synthesis

Maltodextrin, Tulipa Gesneriana Flower Extract
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